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The exact same day our hens offer us their eggs, we pack them fresh and distribute them.

ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020

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Syntichakis Eggs

Each of our eggs has a date of birth! In this way, you can see how fresh each egg is, from the day of production to the day it reaches the shelf. 

We have a large egg production but also a very large consumption. The eggs that are produced every morning are packed fresh and make their way straight to our distribution points. This means that you can enjoy a Syntichakis egg on the day it was laid!

Our company has been a leader in egg farming for over three decades.

The Syntichakis plant is zero waste!

Our company has strong collaborations within Greece but also abroad from where we learn and expand our horizons.

We are a family business: the whole team is a big family and our people have been with us for years.

We are constantly evolving and developing new technologies while abiding by strict health and hygiene regulations.