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The exact same day our hens offer us their eggs, we pack them fresh and distribute them.

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How do I know if an egg is fresh?

There are many ways to tell if an egg is fresh. With some ways you can even tell if the egg has gone off.

The water method

A good trick is to fill a glass or bowl with water and place the eggs one by one uncooked inside. The fresh eggs will reach the bottom and will stay with their tips facing left or right. The less fresh ones will also reach the bottom but their tips will look upwards. The ones that have gone off will float to the surface.


By breaking 

Before you cook the egg, first break it into a bowl. A really fresh egg will have a round yellow or orange yolk and a well-formed egg white. The less fresh egg has a yolk and an egg white that spreads out and its colors are “faded”.

The same happens when you crack the egg in the pan and see that the white is spreading out too much. This method does not show that the egg has gone off. It might not be too fresh, but it is definitely suitable for consumption.